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alimex develops world-class aluminum alloys and produces high quality aluminum cast plates to meet the most stringent customer demands. We manufacture precision aluminum components according to your needs.

Since 1985, the aluminum cast plate alloy ACP 5080 has proven to be one of our very best-selling product lines. Over the course of time, alimex has expanded the product portfolio of this successful high quality aluminum material with its extremely low micro-porosity and excellent machining properties into the following semi-finished aluminum products: ACP 5080R, ACP 5080P, ACP 5080MF, and ACP 5080R GIANT and ACP 5080P GIANT.

The delivery range is rounded off by the other alimex-developed cast products such as ACP5754 and ACP5052, ACP 7, as well as our rolled AL product range of materials known as the PLANAL 5083, PLANAL 6082, and PLANAL 7075 alloys.

What have ‘green’ energy, semiconductors and LCD displays in common? It is the extraordinary high material requirements of the machines that they are being manufactured with.

Mold making plates are one of our main core competencies. Through experience, close contact to our customers, technical developments, and an ear to the market, we recognize trends early and react with up-to-date leading products.

alimex’ roots are in the sale of aluminium cast and rolled material, as well as rods. Ever since, general engineering has become one of the main pillars of the company.

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