ACP 5052

Alimex Cast Plate 5052 is a tight tolerance surface machined plate with exceptional strong visual and aesthetic qualities after surface treatments are applied.

The ultra fine homogeneous grain structure ensure that a very consistent appearance is achieved after anodizing. Alimex Cast Plate 5052 offers excellent material stability for even the most aggressive CNC milling operations. Alimex Cast Plate 5052R is the saw cut version of the alloy which is recommended for applications in larger plate dimensions or where surface machined top/bottom surfaces are not necessary.

Ultra-high-precision flat-sided aluminum plate ACP 5052 after finishing milling, its precise flatness tolerance standard is an industry leader. Its grain structure of precision, low porosity, and has balanced superior processing characteristics. Anodic oxidation in terms of performance even more than the ACP 5080. This product is particularly suitable for both materials need balanced structure and excellent machining performance, with special emphasis on the aesthetics of the surface application material after the subsequent processing.

Fields of Application

CNC components

Mold manufacturing and testing technology

Machinery Manufacturing

Precision manufacturing and tool manufacturing

Food manufacturing, protection technology, pharmaceutical

ACP 5052 Specifications

Chemical Composition

EN AW-5052 (AlMg2,5), acc. to DIN EN 573-3


Material Properties

Machinability good (HSC/HPC excellent)
Weldability (TIG-MIG) very good (with SG-AlMg3)
Anodising Properties very good
Corrosion Resistance very good
Polishing good
Eroding Properties good


Typical Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength Rm 180-210 MPa (N/mm2)
0.2 % Yield Strength Rp 0.2 min. 72 MPa (N/mm2)
Elongation A5 % min. 26
Brinell Hardness HB min. 50


Typical Physical Properties

Density 96*10-3 lb/cm3
Thermal Conductivity 75-86 Btu/(ft* h˚F)
Electrical Conductivity ~35% IACS
Modulus of Elasticity 10.3*103ksi
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 13.5* 10-6/F

Thickness Range & Sizes

Plates and pre-cut sizes between 0,1969” and 3,94” are available in the following dimensions:

Thickness max. x Width* x Length*

≥ 0,1969” x 59,84” x 118,90”

Blanks, rings and pre-cut sizes on request.



Surface Finish Ra ≤ 0.3 μm
Tolerance in Thickness +/- 0.0039”
Flatness 0.2362”-0.4724” thickness ≤ 0.0157”**
> 0.4724”-3.94” thickness ≤ 0.0051”**
Tolerance in Width for Plates 0/+0.3937”
Tolerance in Length for Plates 0/+0.5906”
Tolerance (L/W) for Sized Cuts DIN ISO 2768-m (closer on request)


* Further dimensions on request. Subject to technical change.
** Linear measured section 1 m

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