ACP 5080P

Double-sided surface machined aluminium precision cast plates and cuts.

High precision aluminum cast plate, ACP 5080, is precision surface machined on both sides to industry leading close tolerance standards. Fine grain structure, low porosity and excellent machining characteristics all define the cost saving and value added attributes of ACP 5080. Superb industry leading material dimensional stability is inherent in every plate of ACP 5080, thanks to proprietary process- and manufacturing control, our flatness and tolerances are industry leading, predicable and precise.

Due to a unique production process the precision cast plate ACP 5080 features exceptionally well-balanced mechanical characteristics: a special heat treatment homogenises and removes the tension of the fine-grained pore-free aluminium cast structure. In this way the stability of the semi-finished aluminium product is optimally maintained.

The double-sided precision milled surface is a particular feature of ACP 5080. Every single plate receives a final inspection and covered with protective foil.

For ACP 5080 in width of up to 110.00″ please visit the product page of GIANT Dimensions.

[The aluminum precision cast plate ACP 5080 with the fine-grained aluminum cast structure is available in the semi-finished aluminum product range of alimex Precision in Aluminium, Inc. as well as alimex UK Precision in Aluminium Ltd. Please use the link on the right hand side to request further information.]

Fields of Application

CNC – Components

Mold Making, Gauge Making

Tools, Jigs and Fixtures

General Engineering

Precision Engineering, Tool Technology

Food, Security and Medical Technology

Tooling Aerospace


ACP 5080P Specifications

Chemical Composition
EN AW-5083 (AlMg4.5Mn0.7), acc. to DIN EN 573-3 / 3.3547

Material Properties
Machinability very good (HSC/HPS excellent)
Weldability (TIG, MIG) good (with S Al 5183)
Anodising Properties good, not decorative
Polishing very good
Corrosion Resistance very good
Eroding Properties good

Typical Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength Rm 240-290 MPa (N/mm2)
0.2 % Yield Strength Rp 0.2 110-130 MPa (N/mm2)
Elongation A 5 % 15
Brinell Hardness HB 70

Typical Physical Properties
Density 96* 10-3 lb/in3
Thermal Conductivity 63 – 81 Btu/(ft* h°F)
Electrical Conductivity ~35% IACS
Modulus of Elasticity 10.3* 103ksi
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 13.5* 10-6/°F

Thickness Range & Sizes
Plates and pre-cut sizes between 0.1969“ and 3.94“ are available in the following dimensions:

Thickness max. Width* Length*

≥ 0.1969“ x 51.97“ x 118.90“ (up to 236.22“)
≥ 0.1969“ x 59.84“ x 118.90“ (up to 236.22“)
≥ 0.3937“ x 61.81“ x 144.49“ (up to 236.22“)
≥ 0.5906“ x 85.04“ x 157.48“ (up to 236.22“)
(Blanks, rings and pre-cut sizes on request.)

> 85.04“ Width: Please see the product information for ACP 5080 GIANT / ACP 5080R GIANT

Surface Finish Ra ≤ 0.3 μm
Tolerance in Thickness +/- 0.0039“
Flatness 0.2362“-0.4724“ thickness ≤ 0.0157“ **
> 0.4724“-3.94“ thickness ≤ 0.0051“ **

Tolerance in Width for Plates 0/+0.3937“
Tolerance in Length for Plates 0/+0.5906“
Tolerance (L/W) for Sized Cuts DIN ISO 2768-m (closer on request)

This unique product won the European Aluminium Award.

* Further dimensions on request. Subject to technical change.
** Linear measured section 39.37“

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