Mold Making

Mold making aluminum alloys are one of the core competencies of alimex. In the 1980s to cover the increasing demand from Europe—independent from US imports—the company’s founder Helmut Geller developed a distinctive procedure for the making of premium aluminum cast plates in Germany, this process is being continually refined to this day. Since those early days, we have nurtured reliable customer/supplier relationships and have had decades-long partnerships in this area with distribution and end-user partners. We are also continuing to grow and welcome new customers and business partners in the Mold making area.

Through experience, close contact to our customers and an ear to the market we recognize trends early and react with up-to-date products, for example, with extended large die widths of up to 110 inches wide for the GIANT series.

Currently in North America, we are also working with many of our customers and other business partners on the rapidly increasing use of Aluminum for Molds instead of Steel, for Automotive and other end-use markets.

For further information on our products for the mold making industry please visit our product pages.

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