alimex was formed in 1984 when our founder Helmut Geller revolutionized the manufacturing process of the aluminum cast plate. From the very beginning he laid the foundation for the company’s global success. The manufacturing principles and family values have stood to this day.

alimex considers itself to be the global leader in best solutions relating to aluminum. Whatever this material can do – we draw it out. When it comes to aluminum, we are in demand worldwide as specialists to make full use of its unbeatable benefits in comparison with other materials. From high precision plates, robust components through to high-precision high-tech elements, we, as an aluminum supplier, guarantee a crucial competitive edge for our customers. 

We have continuously developed our invention, the aluminum cast plate process, which has led to us becoming global market leaders in the general engineering, electronics, laser, packaging and optics industry, in medicine and laboratory technology, and in the production of screens, semiconductors and solar panels.

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