For more than 35 years, alimex has supplied the metal processing industry with high-precision aluminum cast plates. Through continuous product innovations, we have achieved a leading position in both the European and the Global market alike.

Our customers also profit from this leading position. They can rely on high-quality products and frictionless order transactions because at alimex, quality is defined by the entire performance spectrum of the company – from ascertaining the customer’s wishes to complete compliance with the order and on-schedule delivery of the products. Our quality management system has been certified, complying with DIN EN ISO since 1996.

A long-term bestseller is the low-tension aluminum cast plate, ACP 5080, that alimex has produced since 1985. Because it comes in various surface quality grades (sawn, milled, mirror finished), it is suitable for many different applications in numerous industrial branches. Cuts range from just a few Lbs to 55,000 Lb blocks. The in-house production depth ranges from cuts to complete pre-finished aluminum component parts.

Since 2007, alimex has established their own enterprise in the US by founding alimex Precision in Aluminum, Inc., which is now located in Columbia, South Carolina. From there, the company has quickly and reliably expanded to provide the entire North American continent with high-quality semi-finished aluminum products.

Furthermore, alimex cooperates in North America with our long-term and new partners in strategically significant regions and product lines. In doing so, we continually assure great local service and support for our customers in the USA and Canada.

Chronicle & Milestones

Until the mid-eighties, aluminum cast plates were available in Europe virtually only as imports from the United States. To cover the increased demand in cast plates in Europe, alimex invested in a local production site in Germany.

Using a newly-developed method Helmut Geller revolutionized the production of aluminum cast plates in 1985, laying the foundation for the company’s global success. The manufacturing principle has stood to this day.

The constant growth of the company has always been driven by innovative ideas for which alimex have been repeatedly awarded.

1970 Establishment of alimex metal trading Ltd. by Helmut Geller
1984 Revolutionizing of the production process and manufacturing ramp-up of the first aluminium cast plates in Europe (ACP 5080R and ACP 5080)
1987 QSF-D certification for semi-finished aluminium products for the aircraft and aviation industry
1995 Extension of the stock and sawing business in Germany
1996 First time certification complying with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
1998 Honour for special performance; category: materials, from EuroMold trade fair
1999 alimex employs more than 100 members of staff
2003 Relocation of the component parts production to a new, fully air-conditioned workshop
2004 Foundation of the affiliate company alimex benelux B.V. in the Netherlands
2006 Foundation of the affiliate company alimex UK Precision in Aluminium Ltd. in the UK
2006 Market launch of the mirror surfaced aluminium cast plate ACP 5080MF
2006 Market launch of the AFP 5000, an aluminium foam plate with inseparable joining between top layers and foam core
2007 Market launch of the aluminium cast plates ACP 5080RS and ACP 5080S with reduced microporosity.
2007 Foundation of the affiliate company alimex Precision in Aluminum, Inc. in the USA
2007 More than 180 employees work at alimex
2008 Extension of the production area in Germany to 21,000 m²
2008 Market launch of the products ACP 5080R GIANT, ACP 5080 GIANT, ACP 5080RS GIANT and ACP 5080S GIANT for large measurements
2008 ‘Supplier of the year 2008’ award from the customer Smith Metals
2008 ‘ASMAC Gold Award Winner from the customer Toyota
2008 ‘European Aluminium Award 2008’ from reed Exhibitions Germany Ltd.
2009 ‘Supplier of the year 2009’ award by the customer Smith Metals
2009 The use of a new milling head with 2,700 mm diameter allows a consistent milling pattern for widths / lengths up to 2500 mm x 6000 mm
2011 Implementation of a new ERP System
2014 Introduction of the new product ACP 5754 for extraordinary anodizing results