As a subcontractor, we help our partners develop economical solutions, keep their structures lean and efficient, and overcome capacity bottlenecks and the constantly increasing technical challenges.

alimex sees itself as a partner all along the value chain. We currently offer services such as:

  • Precision Milling of full plates of Aluminum; Rolled AL plates in alloys such as 7075 T651 and 6061 T651 can be put through this part of our production process for customers who value using these materials but who want much tighter flatness and thickness tolerances for their application needs.
  • Sub- Contract Saw cutting, we have some of the largest Saw and Aluminum Sawing capabilities in the country, and we are often asked to cut Aluminum in various alloys for customers. Please call or e mail us to find out how we can help you and add value to your business.
  • Pre-machining of Large AL Plates and Blocks is possible to save you time and money on applications such as Semi-con Vacuum Chambers, and many other such large complex AL parts.
Alimex employee measures metal
Alimex employee works with metal and drill

The economy is becoming increasingly complex and networked, skills are becoming more specialist, and demand for speed and service depth is becoming greater. Against this backdrop, outsourcing and subcontracting are the business instrument of choice for mapping process steps, subsections or capacity bottleneck. Since the company was founded, alimex has considered itself to be a networked market player in all fields of the industry.

As an aluminum supplier, manufacturer, developer or consultant, collaborative partnership is in our company’s DNA. Accordingly, the subcontracting sector has gained increasing importance at alimex. Our personnel, specialist and technical resources are also in demand in subcontracting as a contract manufacturer.

Quality, delivery reliability, and compliance with deadlines are more than just cheap buzzwords in subcontracting, they are the basis for the elimination of business risks in the supply chain. We at alimex are well aware of this responsibility from thousands of jobs which we have carried out around the world as a reliable partner.

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