What creates progress? Expertise combined with an open vision for alternative solutions – that is how we at alimex develop new applications and leading products. We work on continuous improvements under the umbrella of customer input, production enhancements, technical developments and convert these into the sale of specialized semi-finished aluminium products.

In doing so we let ourselves be guided by our customers’ feedback and the transforming technological needs in the market. The intention is to deliver the ideal solution to each customer.

For years, our experts have dedicated themselves to the particularly high demands that high quality equipment in the segments of solar, semiconductor and LCD displays make on our material. For that, we cooperate with our subcontractors, machinists and other partners on various projects to achieve the very best results.

As a matter of course, this engagement is directed to all our business divisions. For this reason, our high precision aluminium cast plates are also used by leading manufacturers of the general engineering industry worldwide. Furthermore, mold makers as well as tool makers have relied on the outstanding quality of alimex’ semi-finished aluminium products for decades.

It is our conviction that our willingness to improve and innovate, as well as to adapt in our long time segments as well as to develop new products that are valued by our customers will grant us stability in the future.